Saturday, November 15, 2008


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The launch of H&M's new designer collaboration launched this week and I was pretty excited to see the stuff I had been clicking on online in the flesh. And the wool. It was ok. Nothing over the top, nothing too exciting. Kind of dull.
I got the freaking scarf, because who doesn't need a huge wool scarf in November?
I might get the fragrance, but the trench-coat and the jacket were too expensive for H&M, even with added Rei Kawakubo. The wool sweaters were nice, but didn't fit. I tried the large and it was too long and too tight. ok, so maybe I just need to lose weight.

My favorite collection would be the Karl Lagerfeld one. The jeans were amazing, they had cords, a lot of accessories and it was clean, simple, but well fitting. Who's next?

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