Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ain't no party like a s-club / sugababes party

so s-club 7 was a pop band and boot camp for Butlins. And very camp in general. This is a video for one of their big hits. At least according to the youtube information. So the gang drives through a time-warp for this s-club party and reenact The Chicken Game from Rebel Without a Cause. Or something very loosely based on the James Dean vehicle and classic. Anyway,,,,so did Paula Abdul as well, so no points in the reference department.

Anyway......S-club 7 was a british band and even though the band might be gone (unless you can't some less fortunate reincarnations of various clubs of s), but somebody still has the same job as they did back in the day.

Another struggling band from Britain of Great, who have been struggling with band-members, credibility, song choices and most everything, the Sugababes, made this video for their single About a Girl.......
and embedding disabled by request y'all, so click the link.

Same location, old cars, some kind of movie set up, british band, sad excuse for a song, and so on. C'mon. Get a new job. Or some new ideas.