Thursday, May 14, 2009

naked guy on horse

naked guy on horse, originally uploaded by John Gusky.

i just saw the best installation ever. In my dreams. It was at a shopping mall. I remember passing the Virgin mobile phone section, before I came to the project space they usually reserve for artists. I walk into the space and there's a projection there, so the room is pretty dark, to the right there's a another little space, where a small cabin has been erected. Outside the cabin is a horse, a sculpture, made out of plastic or just papermache, but on the horse is a naked guy. He has long, dark hair and is made out to look native american. I walk around and look at the horse, and the guy, wondering if I should take a photo. After a few seconds, the horse starts to move and the guy on the horse gestures for me to follow him. I do, and the horse shifts through the space, out through the projection room and into a great big hall, where there's an artificial waterfall and a forest scene. The horse starts to fly towards the ceiling, where daylight is coming through. It's lifted of the ground by some strange mechanism. The guy gestures for me to follow, and I'm puzzled as to how. I see a huge wine, and the guy on the horse passes it to me. I grab it and wonder what will happen next. I can't hang onto the vine all by myself. The vine has a mechanical contraption which rotates itself around me, but I'm doing something wrong. The vine is supposed to envelop my body, but it only caught one arm. The guy on the horse is trying to fix the situation and tells me it's going to be ok, just let the vine wrap itself around your other arm.
I do, and the whole vine lifts me up after the horse and pulls me up. The horse and the naked guy disappear through the glass ceiling, and I'm pulled up through a skylight and left on the edge of the roof, on a rafter. What a ride! And I see myself lying on the rafter. I have long, straight, blond hair, and pale, pale skin.
what a nice trip to the mall.