Thursday, October 09, 2008

I smell good

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This Tom of Finland fragrance has got me smelling all sorts of good. Karl says it smells like a leather bar. I don't know about that, but it's dark and musky, full of aldehydes and iris. mmmmmm. Inside the package/packaging there's a 'secret' drawing. In my box were two of Tom of Finland's hunky sailors with their own little boxes to take care of. I got this at Oak in Brooklyn, but I'm sure it's in all the right stores at the right price. Fragrances are hard. I bought the Tom Ford fragrance on a whim. bad whim.
My favorite of all time is one of the three dior hommes perfumes, Eau Noire, full of myrrh, violet and lavender. Heavy stuff, but oh, so good!

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Anonymous said...

The Tom of Finland men would never have worn perfume!! They would have stunk of sweat, pheromones and filth....what a nasty ploy to get us cheap queens to spend more money on ridiculous things.....But I do want it! Even if I hate it....