Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yo soy noruego

I'm Norwegian. And I'm in Norway. It's a small country, but yet has a large amount of tragically weird people that annoy me. It takes one to know one. This link is only for the people out there who can read Scandinavian. It's one example of how annoying people can be.

Think about it. I know I didn't.


Anonymous said...

do i have to be on underskog to read it? is the annoying part that i have to sign up with them to read it? i don't think that's what you had in mind. Copy and paste! inquiring minds gotta know. --karl

thefuturistics said...

ooops, It was this guy who thought it would be hilarious (said in a Jerri Blank voice) if he went to the store and bought stuff for 80 kr/10 euros and paid with change. 160 øre for example. Norwegian grocery stores have these machines where you deposit coins individually. This would take a lot of time and the poster found the prospect of this scenario to be so amusing. And people told stories of how much fun they had when they paid their bus fare with change. And so on.
Granted, if you only have change, that's fine, but I've worked in stores and it's not hilarious.
Especially not with those new coin counting machines that take a while before it reads each coin. One at a time. Individually.
Sorry, not a big deal, but at the time it aggravated me quite a bit.