Monday, April 07, 2008

Skipping is underrated

When it takes a promotional tool for me to like the first single from Madonna's new album, I'm left suspicious and feeling slightly used. But I like being used, so what te hoolahey?

Four minutes to save the world from a black crystaline structure that eats it's way through a soundstage??
I'm dying to see a HQ version of the video. Youtube doesn't really do it for me. Not in the way that xtube does it for me. That's for sure.

The video got me at the part where Madonna pushes the car. On a rug. And walks into a family's dining table. Quirky and artsy.
The choreography is also something to note in the video. There's regular dance stuff going on, but the skipping bits are amazing. Skipping is underrated.

Great video by Jonas & Fran├žois.

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