Monday, October 29, 2007


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The hunk on the left is dead. The hunk on the right is dead. 1983 was the year of the hunk, but look at them now!
Jon Erik shot himself, by accident, on set of Cover Up. The blanks in guns aren't that blank at all and pushed a piece of his skull into his brain. He starred alongside Joan Collins in the made-for-tv-movie Male Model, and in the time travel sci-fi series voyager. And he's been in heaven for a few decades. He would have been 50.
Hamilton was poised to be the new James Bond, but the producers chose to run w Timothy Dull-ton or Pierce Brosnan. Too bad. They should have made Hamilton Bond. And we would've had a blonde and openly gay James on the screen.

And not to forget the ladies. O'neil's sister is Paris Hilton's aunt.
LUCK! or the charm of Kathy Hilton. Miaow!

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