Friday, January 30, 2009

Poetry must be made by all! Transform the world!

poesi14, originally uploaded by thefuturistics.

Exhibition curated by Pontus Hultén at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm in 1969. Initiated by Ronald Hunt and assisted by Katha Waldén. The show consisted mostly of photographs and reconstructions, but also a heavy program of films, meetings, concerts and other initiatives that just utilized the museum as a space, not necessarily an exhibition space.
The intersection of life and art, viewed through the lens of radical politics of '68. The exhibition traveled to the Kunstverein in Münich, where the local art academy took part in scheduling activities and debates. The exhibition was closed down by local politicians after too much criticism of the establishment. wha-wha. The show traveled to Vancouver and to RISD, where the show remained in storage until the 80s. The show was part of an anniversary at the Kunstverein and put on display as an important show that changed the political landscape and how art and politics interacted. Anyway. This was a large institution organizing and touring a radically different type of exhibition. Where did that all go?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, can you tell me more about Risd and the show being in storage etc. I was told be Pontus H that they refused to put it it or return it.
Nice to know someone is interested.
Ron Hunt