Wednesday, December 03, 2008

scuse me while I geek out

Dannythestreet, originally uploaded by thefuturistics.

I do read a lot of comic books. and I mean the comics that have superheroes in them. It started out reading the classics, like Spiderman (Edderkoppen), Batman (Lynvingen), Superman (Supermann), all the men (Prosjekt X [X-men]), but also the spin-offs, like Spiderwoman and She-Hulk. But I also like some of the more experimental stuff from the two big ones. Marvel. And DC.
Grant Morrison, just recently 'killed' Batman over at DC, wrote Doom Patrol from issue #19. It was fun, took some risks, and poked fun at the more generic brand of super-heroes.
Wikipedia will do the trick if you want to know more
But one character stands out as being truly unique.
Danny the street, a transvestite street, with the power of teleportation, boggles my mind. I want to be a street!

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