Tuesday, May 13, 2008

fortress of solitude

Another shot that reminds me of the opera

Superman lives in the fortress of solitude, a structure of crystals in the Antarctic or the Arctic. Depending on what comic book, film or online encyclopedia you read. The building rose out of the icy waters and long crystal rods forms the angular structure. Which reminds me of how the new opera house in Oslo looks like. Coming out of the water at a low angle, stretching high towards the hills in the background.

The opera house on a grey day

The structure is all at an angle

Both buildings are monumental and the human scale is too small for most parts of the building. Snøhetta, the architects of the Opera house, have made some gestures to incorporate the human body into the building, to make the new opera house more inviting. The small bridge that leads over to the marble blanket that envelopes the whole building and the lowered roof of the entrance.

This is from the new restaurant at the opera

Superman also offers fine dining inside his fortress. Not so solitary after all! The opera does the same and seats patrons inside the main foyer. Lois Lane might not be happy, sharing superman, but it kinda looks the same.

Green glowsticks says rave party to me
Some of the colors are also similar. The crystals and ice are like the marble and glass used in Snøhetta's fortress of Solitude. The green color of Kryptonite is present in Olafur Eliasson's commissioned work in the foyer. Pulsating slowly up and down the walls, kind of like Kryptonite!

the view from the top floor

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