Monday, March 17, 2008


jens stoltenberg, originally uploaded by thefuturistics.

prime minister? or prime rib? Norway's current prime minister posed for a story in Dagbladet about the changing role of men in society. In the 80s. Men could still be macho and tough, but also do chores around the house. The chore photo wasn't all that, so I was left with the weights. Like 10 lbs or something. What a weakling.
Anyway. Jens Stoltenberg. Grew up with politics. His sister, Nini/Ninni Stoltenberg has also been in the spotlight for raising awareness about narcotics and Norway's policy on drugs. A drug user herself, she has been very vocal in giving drug users a face and also expose the hardships of being one. Jens should help out more. Not in the kitchen, but in politics.


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