Tuesday, February 05, 2008

He is 20 and angry

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that was what the casting agents for Antonioni's Zabriskie Point (1970) told the Italian director after spotting Mark Frechette at a bus-stop in Boston. Frechette starred with Daria Halprin in the movie, summing up the state of American counterculture. The movie is beautiful and could best be described as a trip. really. Part road-movie, part nonsense.
Panned by critics and audiences, the follow-up to Blowup (1966) was no Blowup (ha!).
Mark and Daria went back to the commune Frechette had left to shoot the movie, and Mark put all his earnings from the movie into the commune, $60.000. Halprin left without blowing up anything like her character, Daria, does in Zabriskie Point.
Frechette was arrested and incarcerated in 1973 after a failed bank robbery where one his fellow commune dwellers was killed. Frechette died in prison in 1976, asphyxiated in the gym, found pinned under a weightlifting bar.

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Lynn & Horst said...

omg he is so hot
why couldn't he keep the rebel thing with his attitude then with questionable actions